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Equipment Rental


View our highest quality range of rental equipment below. Click to view various models and get more information. For additional information on any of our products, contact us.



 CaviBlaster 2040

Available for Rental in Singapore

Diesel Engine driven – skid mounted – ready for offshore use

Finally ….. A safe and superior system for effectively cleaning marine growth underwater

The water stream will not inflict damage to a diver who may come in contact accidentally, yet with one pass of water stream it will remove all types of marine growth, from well attached barnacles, zebra mussels, to oysters. 

Surfaces with paint, varnish or anti-fouling coatings are not disturbed, and heavy metal particles or any other contaminants are not released in the water.

The system uses either seawater or fresh water.

 The system is based on the principle of cavitation where the collapsing bubbles generated by a proprietary system create a vacuum that quickly and safely removes marine growth.

Used for cleaning:

Ship propellers,Pipelines,Offshore platforms,Pilings and piers,Intake grates,Tanks,Bouys

Surfaces / Materials, that can be cleaned

Some of them are as follows: Painted/unpainted Metal, Concrete, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, Fiberglass, Glass



IXSEA Subsea Gyro

  • Rental Only
  • 3,000 Meter Depth

Display software is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. For additional rental information,
contact us.

 IXSEA Gyro Data Sheet

 DVU System

DVU System Rental Includes: 

DVU-350 Video System 10.4″ monitor, Video/ Audio Recorder, Light Dimmer,  Rugged waterproof case, 330 ft of cable 78612-05, DVU Adapter 78612-06, 1-Seadragon XBR LED Light, 1- RD-400 Diver Color Camera, 1- Slider Bracket. Also can run off 12 VDC battery